Thursday, January 01, 2004

Dylan Deliberates

Dylan and the Guitar

Dylan woke up full of energy…
Exercise is the greatest thing, he thought in, in moderation.
“You’re at it again, aren’t you?” said Dougal.
And Dylan was…
“Wake up!” said Dougal. “Don’t you ever get tired doing all that sleeping?”
“I’ve not given it a lot of thought, man” said Dylan.
“Well, it’s about time you did,” said Dougal. “You’ll grow roots!”
“Promise?” said Dylan.

Zebedee arrived and had a look around. “Anything happening?” he asked.
“Only in the most negative sense,” said Dougal.
“Anything happening?” said Florence.
Only if you are interested in negative events,” said Zebedee.
“Oh,” said Florence.

Dylan continues to snore, energetically.

“The phantom snorer strikes again,” said Dougal.
“Wake him up,” said Florence.
“That would require an act of Parliament,” said Dougal.
“Greetings, friends,” said Dylan. “I have decided to take more exercise in future. The trouble is I keep falling asleep before I can start.”
“You absolutely amaze us,” they said.
“Luckily,” said Dylan, “when I’m asleep I dream I’m playing …it’s exhausting”
Dylan dreamed he was playing again.
Dylan woke up, exhausted.
“You’ve been asleep,” said Florence.
“I know, man. I’m not sure I can keep it up.” said Dylan.

“Time for bed,” said Zebedee.