Sunday, May 27, 2007

Watch Your Back, Lewis

The motor racing bug stepped up another gear today. Scalextric, Forza and Gran Tourismo are good but not a patch on karting. The Arrive and Drive session is for all-comers (novices and amateurs, etc.) that fancy a 15 minute spin. After completing a session each driver is provided with timing data for every lap. This adds considerably to the challenge which ultimately is all about going as fast as possible. We had two sessions each and each of us improved substantially between the first and second session. It's easy to underestimate how physical the racing is and we all came away with our fair share of bruises, aches and pains. Not so many that we'll avoid going again though!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Show Me The Way To Go Home

Not sure that Google Maps should be out of beta yet. I mean, why get out at Le Havre? Surely Portsmouth would make more sense.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Andricongirl has a real talent when it comes to crafting such inspired creations. She is a graphic and textile artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Check out her flickr site or buy something from her shop at

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hot Hare 3

Glo Kehoe and her ground chief, Sue Dietze, are in Dunnellon this weekend to inaugurate a new big bunny and participate in the Cool Springs Ranch Balloon Classic. This third incarnation has some impressive stats but also brings some serious headaches. Touchdown has to be in a spot where, Kehoe adds, "you can lay a 16-story building down on its side in any direction." Before inflating the bunny Kehoe sends a helium-filled balloon afloat. "I have to determine where the winds are, cause my ears will be up in that. It's twice as tall as most balloons and it can catch some unfavorable winds," she says. "You have to be really careful."
Hot Hare Vital Statistics
Total Height: 166'—15' taller than the Statue of Liberty
Ears Height: 60'—as tall as the Presidents' faces on Mount Rushmore. The Hot Hare's ears alone are the height of an entire average-sized hot air balloon.
Head: 30' wide x 45' long
Glasses: 32' wide
Drum: 45' diameter, 20' wide
Nose: 16' wide
Arms: 40' long
Tail: 20' diameter
Sandals: 60' long, 12' wide, 4' deep
Balloon Volume: 180,000 cu. ft.—550,000,000 AA batteries could fit inside the Energizer Bunny® Hot Hare Balloon. Balloon Weight: 1,170 lbs.—the same as 4,680 D batteries.
Double Burner Output: 30,000,000 BTU/hour—the equivalent amount of heat produced by 5,000 gas grills
Deflation Ports (Vents): 93
Fabric: 5,000 linear yards, 60' wide
Thread: 84 miles

White White Rabbit Rabbit

In the second of two white rabbit incidents in Ipswich in the last few days, another bright eyed bunny has been found in a school play ground. The receptionist at Sidegate Primary School, said: "He was found this morning by the groundsmen on the school playground.It took 20 minutes to catch him. There were two groundsmen, our site manager and head cleaner trying to catch him without hurting him or frightening him too much but he can run very fast apparently."
Eric, an albino rabbit, is not the first hot-footed rabbit to go on the run in Ipswich recently. On Thursday Beckham the Bunny had gone missing for the second time in one week leaving her owner, Laura Gooding, 12, desperate for her return. Is Eric your pet? Email or contact Ipswich Evening Star

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lidl Bounce Back

Following an initial consultation with the local residents Lidl have drawn up revisions to their plans for the development of the former Somerfield supermarket behind our house.
The new plans, unveiled at a second public consultation this evening, show very few concessions. In summary, the Lidl store has been stepped back to retain a consistent "street profile" with the proposed retail units. The apex height on the store has been reduced by one metre. The number/size of apartments above the proposed retail units have been reduced although the footprint has increased and roof height remains unchanged.

Residents are generally still opposed to the plans as questions about who would rent any one of the three 200 sq. m shops remain unanswered. Additionally there are still concerns regarding the 'hidden' parking area that would be created behind these units and the likelihood that it will become a secluded haven for youths who do not wish to be observed from the main road.

The Planning application will probably go in within the next fortnight depending on new feedback. The development already has an air of inevitability about it, but maybe public opinion can still win through...

Meanwhile, I noticed the Lidl have a funny game on their website involving rabbits and badgers so maybe they aren't all that bad after all. Check it out here.