Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Plastic Rabbit

"A Chinese sweet maker has stopped domestic sales of one of its best-known brands after it was found to contain the industrial chemical melamine. The company, Guanshengyuan, has already halted exports of the popular White Rabbit candy, made from milk. It is the latest development in a spreading food safety scandal involving milk contaminated with melamine. Traces of the chemical have also been found in Hong Kong and Japan in products containing Chinese milk. They are among a growing number of countries which have already banned or restricted imports of Chinese products containing milk."

"Food Standards Australia requested last week that wholesalers and importers voluntarily withdraw White Rabbit brand sweets from shops pending testing for the toxic substance melamine, a plastics industry by-product.
In China, milk products containing melamine, including baby formula, has been linked to the deaths of four babies and is responsible for more than 50,000 falling ill. The NSW Food Authority confirmed it had tested White Rabbit confectionery imported from China and found it contained melamine."