Sunday, September 14, 2014

Duxford Air Show

As Summer continued to pass us by it became increasingly likely that the only chance we'd have to see the visiting Canadian Lancaster bomber with the BBMF was if we visited an air show.
Duxford is just over an hour's drive from us so we stayed in Cheriton House B&B, Houghton to give us a head start. The local villages are very picturesque and we had a nice walk to Hemmingford Abbotts for a pub dinner.
On Sunday we left for Duxford and soon found ourselves queueing with thousands of other motorists (for 3 hours!) to get on site. Once in, we found the museum very informative and the addition of the airshow made it a great day out. The WW1 dog fight and Red Arrows were very impressive but the hurricane, spitfires and lancasters probably stole the show!