Sunday, October 01, 2017

Oxford 2017

As a Birthday Break we headed to Oxford and took in all the sights during our 4 night stay. On the way down we paused at Kelmscott Manor before arriving at the AirBnB on Osney Island, Oxford. On Sunday we had an 'extended' Extended Tour of thee Bodleian Library and Reading Rooms which also included Duke Hunfrey's Medieval library, Divinity Hall, Convocation House and Radcliffe Camera. Over the next three days we also managed to visit the Ashmolean Museum, Pitt Rivers Museum, the Museum of Natural History, Carfax Tower, the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Blackwells Bookshop, the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford Castle, the Covered Market and the Botanical Gardens with lots of nice dining in the evenings. On our way home we stayed over for one night in the Priest House at Coln Rogers and took a leisurely drive up through the Cotswolds, with visits to Chastleton House and the Rollright Stones along the way.