Sunday, September 16, 2007


News of Colin McRae's death is a bitter pill to swallow after a week of turmoil in motorsport. Barely three months after seeing him thrash the R4 at Goodwood it's hard to believe such a major force in British Rallying will no longer be around.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dust Bunnies Begin World Domination

Following a survey of 20 American Cities, 'American Standard' have confirmed our worst fears. The following 5 cities are losing the battle to overcome the humble dust bunny and are becoming over-run:

Top 5 Markets Reporting Dust Bunnies
Pittsburgh 82%
Seattle 82%
Minneapolis 80%
Portland, Ore. 79%
Kansas City, Mo. 77%

Fear not though for they also offer advice to deal with this threat both in finding them and eradicating them:

Top 5 Palce where Dust Bunnies Gather
Corners 70%
Under the bed 65%
Ceiling Fans 59%
Heating Vents / Air Con 53%
Under the Sofa 53%

Top 5 Actions Taken to Fight Dust Bunnies
Used a vacuum 81%
Used a duster 64%
Used a broom 64%
Changed air filter 58%
Used a paper towel 57%

Monday, September 03, 2007

Grimsthorpe Castle

Had a nice day out at Grimsthorpe Castle and got extremely close to some very friendly red dear. Bracken (the dominant male) was very calm and didn't mind getting some close up photos in the slightest!