Saturday, February 25, 2006

They're breeding like rabbits!

A first year fine art student at Coventry University is rabbiting on about her latest project which is set to make the institution wobble! Heather Corfield is going to be creating a public installation with a difference – using jelly rabbits! Every day for a week, from Saturday 18 February, she will be placing 15 jelly rabbits on the concourse outside the Graham Sutherland building. By the end of the week, there will be at least 100 jelly rabbits wobbling all over the place!

Heather said, "I think my jelly rabbits will make people smile as they will remind them of their childhood. Everyone at some time must have had jelly and ice cream at a party or helped to make a jelly for some other occasion. For me, jelly rabbits represent happy childhood memories but there is a serious side to the project as the rabbits also represent life and death. During the week, some of the rabbits will disintegrate and be replaced by new rabbits."

The rabbits have been crafted using rabbit shaped jelly moulds that Heather has either been given or made herself. Heather has an interest in the qualities of materials and attempts to get the best out of them. Previous work included making sculptures out of CDs by slotting them together and using human hair to make a life-size human-shaped sculpture.

Heather added, "My jelly rabbits are simple and uncomplicated. As well as being an art project, the rabbits are a lot of fun to make!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Maybe not outrageous, but I'm sure Will would be impressed with the grouping. Fortunate at least because I'd be shooting 520 for a Portsmouth round (10 dozen) if this was the norm. As it stands I made 450 the other night which gives me a 7.5 average/arrow. I'm quite happy with that. Siân too is clearly doing something right as seen below:

Friday, February 03, 2006

Clothing thief or Fashion victim?

Have you seen this man? Some sources are quoted as saying that this particular wardrobe disaster was just "waiting to happen", whilst others believe that he is merely trying to recapture his mis-spent youth. Whatever the truth may be, he should be regarded mildly dangerous and only approached from a long way away.