Monday, December 10, 2007

Led Zeppelin

The stadium is plunged into darkness and the video wall starts playing a clip from the 'The Song Remains The Same' tour in 1973...
'Good Times Bad Times'
Kicking off the show with the first track from their first album the band waste no time in setting out their stall. These guys mean business.
'Ramble On'
The band slide straight into this slower, bluesy number punctuated with fragments of harsh electric guitar from Page.

'Black Dog'
This is the first time that Plant interacts with the crowd. The audience sing along to the "ah-ahs" before Page punches out this song's killer riff
'In My Time Of Dying'
This song has it all, and was my highpoint. It's hard to express how emotional it was to hear this song being played live by this band. I'm crying.

'For Your Life'
Plant wishes everyone "good evening" before leading us into the live debut of this track. Perhaps one of the most accomplished and rounded of all their renditions this evening. By now no-one is expecting any less.
'Trampled Under Foot'
Plant announces how this recording was an attempt to emulate Robert Johnson's 'Terraplane Blues' by its liberal use of automotive metaphors.
'Nobody's Fault But Mine'
The huge screen fills the backdrop in the O2 Arena, playing rapid monochrome and colour images - quite spectacular.
'No Quarter'
JPJ demonstrates his keyboard skills and opens with the haunting phased piano that runs through this epic track
'Since I've Been Loving You'
An epic version....very bluesy with Page's signature violin bow making an appearance.
'Dazed And Confused'
A nostalgic rendering at the end of which had Plant announcing, "On guitar, Jimmy Page", just as he did in Madison Square Garden in the 1973.
'Stairway To Heaven'
"Ahmet, we did it!" was the simple statement that Plant used to capture the emotional high the band had reached by this point
'The Song Remains The Same'
Page continues to dazzle by keeping with his Gibson EDS-1275. There are no clichés here. This is the real deal.
'Misty Mountain Hop'
Plant gives thanks to Jason. Not a single fan could be disappointed with the performance he gave.
Somehow they raise the bar again with this landmark work. Plant declares "We've got people from 50 countries here and this is the 51st". Page strikes the riff and the sound becomes a rolling wave that lifts and carries twenty thousand fans to a higher consciousness.
'Whole Lotta Love'
The guys leave but of course they return for their first encore. After this homage to Willie Dixon, Plant announces "Thanks to everybody. Thanks Ahmet Ertegun, this one is for Ahmet Ertegun as we remember the days when Atlantic Records was the best label on the planet!"
'Rock And Roll'
With the whole arena now on their feet, the band rap up the show with this rousing and upbeat number