Sunday, October 10, 2010

G R & E Signs

Had a pleasant day exploring the NEC at the Grand Designs Show. Clearly you are no-one if you haven't yet installed fully retracting fold-out patio doors, but for those who are more concerned with saving the planet, there was plenty of suppliers promoting the Government Feed in Tariff scheme.
For those who invest in the appropriate technology (usually solar photo voltaic panels) an application can be made to subscribe to FITS. Not only will your regular energy supplier be obliged to pay for all the electricity you generate (whether you use it or not), but you can use whatever you generate for free and even sell back any excess that you don't. Obviously solar is less effective at night so there is still a need to buy energy in the regular fashion, but the savings and return on investment can reach 10% rather than virtually nothing with your money in a bank.